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Trees are the answer 10th anniversary edition


For Immediate Release:

From one of the most influential environmental leaders comes the newly updated 10th Anniversary Edition of Trees Are the Answer by Greenpeace Co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore

July 5, 2010, VANCOUVER – Beatty Street Publishing Inc. today announced the release of Greenpeace co-founder and environmental visionary Dr. Patrick Moore’s new 10th anniversary edition of Trees are the Answer.

Using words and photographsDr. Moore, an Ecology PhD, challenges our common assumptions about forests and forestry, and demonstrates in easy to understand terms why those assumptions are so often wrong.

In an approach that runs counter to much of the environmental movement’s current thinking, Trees are the Answer gives readers new eyes with which to see the land, exploring the beauty, biodiversity and spirit of forests growing back after harvesting.

“This book has been fully revised and updated to reflect Dr. Moore’s unconventional thinking on many current environmental issues from green building to climate change, renewable biofuel energy to paper and product recycling,” said Beatty Street Publishing President Tom Tevlin.

“This is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding how trees can be the answer to many of the environmental challenges we now face,” said Tevlin.

In this new version of Trees are the Answer,  Moore takes readers on a journey through forests, explaining their biology, diversity and renewability.  Moore explains why the environmental movement’s approach to forestry makes little sense and how, when it comes to the environment, we are often fooled by our eyes.

Moore also delves into topics that will be critical to improving the environment in the next decade, including how we are rapidly adopting sustainable forest practices around the world.  Moore explains what really makes a building green  and how trees might one day replace gasoline as a major transportation fuel.

Trees are the Answer is available now for $29.95 USD.  A DVD version of Trees are the Answer, hosted by  Dr. Patrick Moore is also available for $24.95 USD.

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For more information: Dawn Sondergaard, Beatty Street Publishing Inc. — 604-681-4122

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