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On Patrick Moore: from Greenpeace founder to nuclear defender

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From Greenpeace founder to nuclear defender

Kevin Libin, National Post • Mar. 22, 2011

In his shaggy-haired hippie youth, Patrick Moore was one of the nuclear energy industry’s most dauntless opponents. Today, he’s taking calls from reporters around the world and trying to defend its reputation in the panicky wake of the crisis at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. Read more

Patrick Moore talks biotech, nuclear and climate

patrick moore talks biotech




Greenpeace Co-founder talks biotech, nuclear and climate

Why do they hate science, and why are they so miserable?

By Andrew Orlowski (
Posted in Environment, 8th February 2011
The Register

Interview Canadian environmentalist Patrick Moore describes himself as a treehugger. As a co-founder of Greenpeace, who was on board the Rainbow Warrior when it was blown up, he hardly has to prove his chops. Read more

Measure A should be approved

measure A



Measure A should be approved

By PATRICK MOORE, PressDemocrat
Published: Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 5:15 p.m.

The Mendocino Crossings proposed development, which is the subject of Tuesday’s vote in Mendocino County, will absolutely be required by law to go through the entire environmental permitting process if the measure passes. In fact, the developer will have to apply to each agency separately for permits, because Measure A would remove the “one-stop” approach to permitting. Read more

Who are the Founders of Greenpeace

Who are the Founders of Greenpeace?

In recent years a controversy has developed on the subject of who are the founders, or cofounders, of Greenpeace. I have always considered myself to be a founder of Greenpeace, and until a few years ago, the Greenpeace organization didn’t seem to have any problem with that. Until recently, I was explicitly listed as one of the founders on the Greenpeace International website. Possibly coincidental with my decision to come out publicly in favor of nuclear energy, there has lately been a concerted effort on Greenpeace’s part to deny that I am a cofounder and to damage my reputation as an environmentalist. This short essay is my side of the story, told in an effort to set the record straight and to give the reader some historical information on the subject of Greenpeace’s early development. Read more

Shedding light on key green issues

key green issues



Shedding light on key green issues

By: Patrick Moore
Published: May 12, 2008
National Post

Since leaving Greenpeace I have been called many names by my former colleagues — a fact that the National Post’s May 1 report (“‘Eco-Judas’ battles on”) makes clear. Not a single sentence in the lengthy article discusses the merits of the issues that I and my colleagues at Greenspirit Strategies support. Instead, the article provides a platform for every detractor to vent his or her empty rhetoric. I am variously called an eco-Judas, turncoat, green-basher, greenwasher, corporate shill, flip-flopper, sellout and finally, Darth Vader. Read more

Labels will not solve our waste problems

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Patrick Moore, Special to the Sun

Published: Monday, January 14, 2008 

Labels won’t solve our waste problems

It’s misleading for a business to call itself ‘zero waste’ or ‘landfill-free;’ what’s needed is an integrated approach

The coming closure of the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s Cache Creek landfill has brought into sharp focus the issue of how to dispose of Metro Vancouver’s waste.

Read more

How to Fight Childhood Blindness

fight childhood blindness

How to Fight Childhood Blindness

By Patrick Moore in The America
October 12, 2007

By embracing genetically modified ‘golden rice,’ says Greenpeace co-founder PATRICK MOORE, the world can help millions of people in developing countries. Read more

Waste not…

waste not



Waste not …

By Patrick Moore in the Toronto Star
February 26, 2007

While it may be a long way from sexy environmental solutions like hybrid cars and gently spinning turbines of pastoral wind farms, the importance of managing our waste is a central piece of Canada’s sustainability puzzle. The fact is, there is a real need for Canadians to update their views on waste and what we should do with it. Read more

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What’s in a name?

Ask Philip Morris, the holding company for a tobacco producer who changed its name to the benign, sunny-sounding ‘Altria.’

Ask Andersen Consulting, which, after the Enron debacle, felt its prospects might improve under the new, softer ‘Accenture’ handle.

Or ask my ex-colleagues at Greenpeace. Read more

The Environmental Movement: Greens Have Lost Their Way: by Dr. Patrick Moore

environmental movement




‘Environmental movement has lost its way’

By Dr. Patrick Moore

Special to the Miami Herald

January 28, 2005

Scare tactics, disinformation go too far

I  am often asked why I broke ranks with Greenpeace after 15 years as a founder and full-time environmental activist. I had my personal reasons, but it was on issues of policy that I found it necessary to move on. Read more