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Ontario Energy Plan


Greenpeace Co-Founder Applauds Ontario’s Support for Nuclear Energy

June 14, 2006, Toronto – The Government of Ontario’s recent announcement to include nuclear energy in the province’s electricity supply mix is the right move, says Greenpeace co-founder and former leader Dr. Patrick Moore.

“This decision means Ontario will be able to meet its energy needs, while supporting a non-greenhouse-gas-emitting power source that can help alleviate reliance on polluting fossil fuels,” said Moore.

“Nuclear energy is clean, safe, reliable and cost-effective,” said Moore.  “Ontario’s decision to reinvest in its nuclear energy infrastructure while also supporting renewable energy and conservation will mean a cleaner, healthier environment for all Ontarians,” said Moore.

“Ontario is joining many other countries in a nuclear renaissance that recognizes the importance of pollution-free nuclear energy in meeting growing demand globally,” said Moore.

“Canadians are particularly well suited to participating in this renaissance, so we’re very pleased to see Ontario support leading-edge nuclear energy technology,” said Moore.

Despite his strong support of the Ontario decision, Moore had some concern over the government’s plan to place a cap of 14,000 megawatts on the production of nuclear energy.

“The 14,000 megawatt cap on nuclear energy is a concern because it limits Ontario’s ability to provide clean, stable base-load power as demand increases over time,” said Moore.

“The government is relying on conservation measures to reduce demand, and while that’s good, we must also recognize that Ontario is a growing, prosperous economy with a large manufacturing and industrial base,” said Moore.

“Ontarians are already doing their part to conserve energy,” said Moore.

“The Ontario economy has grown by 45 percent in the past decade while energy consumption has grown by only 6 percent — if that’s not a measure of energy efficiency, I don’t know what is,” said Moore.

“Conservation and renewables will only get you so far,” said Moore.  “Nuclear energy is the only clean energy source that can meet the province’s increasing demand, particularly as the coal-fired power plants get phased out,” said Moore.

“We would ask the Minister of Energy Dwight Duncan to reconsider this 14,000 megawatt cap because it hinders unnecessarily Ontario’s ability to grow its energy supply,” said Moore.

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For more information: Dr. Patrick Moore or Jeremy Twigg  – 604-681-4122

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