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We will all benefit


We will all benefit

Written by: Gary Clarke for The Province, September 18, 2013

I wish Michael Smyth took the time to look at the broader picture in his profile of Northern Gateway project head Janet Holder.

As a financial adviser, I’d point out that many pipeline companies have paid steady and consistent dividends to shareholders, including through RRSPs, pension funds, mutual funds and the Canada Pension Plan.

We all benefit from abundant, reasonably priced, environmentally regulated energy. It not only provides great-paying jobs for many thousands of Canadians, but also the revenues and taxes that pay for hospitals, schools and so many of the services we rely on. The world benefits because oil and food production and transportation are invariably linked.

A developing, healthy, environmentally well-managed energy industry adds to our prosperity. That’s why I’m a strong supporter of the Northern Gateway pipeline.

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