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US Congress: Nuclear


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Dr. Patrick Moore Appears Before US House Subcommittee on Energy and Resources, Speaks in Support of Nuclear Energy

Vancouver, BC – April 28, 2005 - Dr. Patrick Moore, Chairman and Chief Scientist of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. and Co-Founder of Greenpeace, appeared before a committee of US federal legislators today and called for a revitalized program of developing alternative energy sources to reduce the need to burn oil, natural gas and coal in electricity generation.

“Nuclear energy is the only non-greenhouse gas-emitting power source that can effectively replace fossil fuels and satisfy global demand,” Moore told the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Energy and Resources in Washington, DC.

“There is now a great deal of scientific evidence showing nuclear power to be an environmentally sound and safe choice,” Moore said. Moore believes his former colleagues at Greenpeace are unrealistic in their call, for example, for a phasing out of both coal and nuclear power in Ontario.

“There are simply not enough available forms of alternative energy to replace both of them together. Given a choice between nuclear on the one hand and coal, oil and natural gas on the other, nuclear energy is by far the best option as it emits neither CO2 nor any other air pollutants.”

Moore told the subcommittee there are virtually no other beneficial uses of uranium beyond electricity production, “whereas fossil fuels are a precious non-renewable resource and have a multitude of constructive uses including the manufacture of durable goods.

“Using fossil fuels for electricity generation on such a large scale with the accompanying release of harmful emissions requires that more focus be placed on the development of alternatives including nuclear energy,” Moore said.

Moore welcomed the remarks of President George W. Bush who stated yesterday at the Small Business Administration’s National Small Business Week there is a need to promote greater energy independence by harnessing the power of technology to create new sources of energy and make more efficient use of existing ones.

Greenspirit Strategies Ltd., a sustainability consulting firm, is based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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