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Northern Gateway Pipeline part of better future


Northern Gateway Pipeline part of better future

Re: Critics take umbrage at Enbridge project, Letters, Aug. 14

Written by: Fred Wilson for The Vancouver Sun, August 19 2013

I read with interest a letter in The Vancouver Sun from my MP, Nathan Cullen, strongly critical of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline.

As a B.C. taxpayer, I have faith in the regulatory process that governs these projects. Unlike Mr. Cullen, I see Northern Gateway as an opportunity to be a world leader in pipeline installation.

I recently attended a meeting in Smithers about the project. Mr. Cullen and others presented no solutions at the meeting. By contrast, I found Enbridge official Janet Holder’s responses to questions posed of her to be respectful and solutions-oriented.

I recently spoke with a major business owner and avid fisherman in town. We both support Northern Gateway and both believe we can transport energy resources safely by pipeline while protecting our environment.

There are risks in everything from energy transportation to getting on an airplane. The key is to manage and mitigate risks as Northern Gateway is doing.

Everyday, through hard work, I focus on building a better life for my family. I believe Northern Gateway is part of that better future.

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