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Critics owe Holder courtesy of engaging in a discussion


Critics owe Holder courtesy of engaging in a discussion

Re: A look at the woman behind B.C.’s Northern Gateway.

Written by: Ken Sands for The Vancouver Sun, September 18, 2013

Columnist Michael Smyth put a lot of pressure on Northern Gateway’s Janet Holder in his profile. I’ve seen her in meetings and I’d say she’s up for the challenge.

Holder’s commitment and focus on the task are well known. And the technology at her disposal to make the project the best in the world is available. After all, there are about 78,000 kilometres of natural-gas pipelines in this country and about 37,000 km of oil pipelines.

Some of them have been performing in B.C. very well for six decades, during which time the technology has improved enormously. Technology isn’t the issue.

To project supporters and critics alike, Holder is signalling that she’s serious about discussion and about change. I think the project’s critics owe her the courtesy of engaging in that discussion rather than getting locked into tired debates about how bad things used to be. It’s too important.

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