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Natural resource development is central to meeting the world’s needs for food, energy and materials but environmental stewardship is also paramount.  Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. helps companies create effective sustainability strategies that minimize and mitigate the environmental footprint of essential industrial activity.  It’s not always easy, but it can be very satisfying!


The resource sector is an enormous economic contributor locally, regionally and globally, playing a central role in everything from energy production to manufacturing to agriculture and beyond. Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. helps companies understand the big picture, plan their activities in a way that acknowledges evolving public expectations, and communicate these ideas to the full range of audience members. We look for true sustainability outcomes – ‘triple wins’ that satisfy your environmental partners, your community stakeholders and your shareholders. Based in Gastown, Vancouver’s historic industrial hub where lumber, petroleum products and consumer goods still ply Burrard Inlet as a reminder of the city’s pioneering heritage, we help connect the dots between strong, sustainable economic activity, a robust natural environment and thriving urban and rural communities. We’ve been doing it for a couple of decades, and we’ve learned a thing or two!


Thriving communities are the backbone of strong provinces and great nations. That’s because there’s real power and influence in communities. Those who expect to advance development projects without genuine community engagement are – not surprisingly – a vanishing breed. The simple reason is that communities demand and deserve transparent information and genuine input. Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. helps companies ensure a detailed and measurable plan for corporate social responsibility is at the heart of its development activities so that communities can better understand, influence and support a project. Ensuring the company has a sustainability strategy in mind for the project from the very beginning, and is prepared to view the project as an opportunity for some shared community value among its stakeholders, is a key part of our job. For example, local program initiatives that teach long-term, sustainable skills to community members – even beyond the life of the development project – invariably provide real benefits for the community, the surrounding environment and the company itself. Let’s discuss it!

Pipeline Sustainability

Pipeline sustaniability

The sustainability of Pipelines

Patrick Moore, guest columnist
Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When it comes to producing, transporting and ultimately exporting Alberta oil to U.S. and Asian markets, the rhetoric is in high gear in Canada and the U.S. So it might be useful to take a hard look at our options in the hope of resetting the discussion. Read more

A Reply to John Mason

Following is an annotated reply from Patrick Moore, PhD, to John Mason’s critique of Patrick’s recent interview with the Washington Times.

Excerpts from Moore’s interview, chosen by John Mason, are in italics.

Unpicking a Gish-Gallop: former Greenpeace figure Patrick Moore on climate changePosted on 25 August 2012 by John Mason: See:

Read more

Who are the Founders of Greenpeace

Who are the Founders of Greenpeace?

In recent years a controversy has developed on the subject of who are the founders, or cofounders, of Greenpeace. I have always considered myself to be a founder of Greenpeace, and until a few years ago, the Greenpeace organization didn’t seem to have any problem with that. Until recently, I was explicitly listed as one of the founders on the Greenpeace International website. Possibly coincidental with my decision to come out publicly in favor of nuclear energy, there has lately been a concerted effort on Greenpeace’s part to deny that I am a cofounder and to damage my reputation as an environmentalist. This short essay is my side of the story, told in an effort to set the record straight and to give the reader some historical information on the subject of Greenpeace’s early development. Read more

PAA Confronts Activists

Protesting the Protesters: Positive Aquaculture Awareness (PAA) Confronts Anti-Aquaculture Activists

October 11, 2006

Led by the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and staging yet another performance, anti-aquaculture activists gathered predictably outside Fisheries and Oceans Canada offices in Vancouver today to potest open net-cage salmon farms.

The activists met with opposition from Positive Aquaculture Awarenss, a grassroots group representing aquaculture workers and their families in British Columbia. PAA president Ian Roberts traveled to Vancouver with Norm Penton of the BC Salmon Farmers Association. They were joined by Trevor Figueiredo and Jeremy Twigg of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd., who lent their support by handing out educational materials to media and the public. Read more