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The future of Canada’s forests

The Prince George Citizen
September 28, 2017

It’s hard to imagine a landscape that touches Canadians in as many diverse, important ways as our forests do. It’s equally difficult to think of another landscape that requires as much complex management.

I recently participated in a briefing session of assistant deputy ministers involved in forests across Canada, and I can attest that the hard work, strong cooperation and broad engagement are the new normal. Read more

Women Helping Women – An Indigenous Connection

Ottawa Construction News
September 2017

There’s something powerful in women helping women. That’s why we’re so pleased to tell you about Annie Aningmuiq, a single mom from Pangnirtung, Nunavut.

Through our respective organizations, we’ve been honoured to work with Annie and her four-year-old son Hunter to support this young family in obtaining a key tool for success – decent, affordable, sustainable housing.

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The clear choice: Wood design ideal in the South

Arkansas Democrat Gazette
July 24, 2017

As a supporter of green building design, I am also an advocate for wood construction. Wood is imbued with some amazing physical properties; it’s natural, it’s renewable and, as a design element, it’s esthetically captivating.

That’s why architects like me, including those of us living and working in “The Natural State” of Arkansas and across the U.S. South, view timber from a responsibly managed forest to be a crucial tool in our design toolkit.

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Opinion: First Nations and forestry: A growing collaboration

The Vancouver Sun
June 20, 2017

While forestry remains solidly one of British Columbia’s most important industries, real change continues.

For example, there has never been any doubt that hundreds of communities across B.C., from the coast to the Interior, rely on the forest industry for their livelihoods. But for many decades, First Nations did not participate widely in the success of the sector.

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Teaching Youth About Sustainable Forestry

The Windsor Square
June 11, 2017

By Rob Keen, CEO, Forests Ontario

It’s sometimes hard to pry our youth (and even ourselves) away from our digital devices and keyboards. With well over 80 percent of young Canadians active online, it seems many tend to venture outside less, stuck in a virtual world rather than the natural one. And, while youth in rural Ontario may have more opportunity to experience nature, in urban areas life can get in the way.

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Opinion: B.C.’s forests can be sustainably harvested

The Vancouver Sun
April 5, 2017

Whoever first made the observation that an individual “couldn’t see the forest for the trees” was pointing to a common problem — particularly about forests themselves.

While many, including myself, view trees as beautiful and crucial to our way of life, as a sustainability professional I know that spending all one’s time focusing on individual trees — both literally and figuratively — can have a negative impact on the broader forest. And as beautiful and as important as a tree is, it’s the forest and its future that my sustainability organization is dedicated to supporting.

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From Crashed Ice to new housing for those in need

Ottawa East News
March 24, 2017

Locals and Canadians from coast to coast were excited to watch the thrills and spills of the Red Bull Crashed Ice event that took place in Ottawa earlier this month. But the story’s not over.

More than a one-time spectacle, the event will have a life-altering impact for low-income families in the Ottawa region. This comes as a result of our partnership with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), a sustainability leader dedicated to the future of our forests and to promoting the responsible procurement of forest products.

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Teaching our children to conserve wild spaces

The Hamilton Spectator
January 23, 2017

Empowering children on environmental issues entails more than just teaching them the basics of environmental conservation; it’s also about providing them with the opportunities to take action and to make a difference.

As Canada’s largest conservation organization by membership, Earth Rangers have been doing just that for over a decade. And when you empower children to take action on the environment, they can astonish you with their commitment, generosity and effectiveness.

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Viewpoint: Filling the knowledge gap on wetlands and carbon

Saskatoon Star Phoenix
October 1, 2016

Here’s a fact about wetlands that many Canadians may find surprising: According to Agriculture Canada, the peat in Canada’s wetlands stores almost 60 per cent of all the carbon stored in all the soils across the country.

Further, those 147 billion tonnes of carbon stored in Canadian wetlands are more than 700 times the annual CO2 emissions from all industrial activity in Canada.

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Forestry opportunities useful for First Nations

The Prince George Citizen
April 22, 2016

By David Walkem

Certifying a forest to a sustainable forest management standard is an important way for managers to assure their markets and the general public of the sustainable forestry they practice on their lands.

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